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Old MacDonald had a scarf

Ee i ee i Ooooo!

Here and there cables scarf

And on that scarf he had some cables, ee i ee i oooooo…

Lots of cables

With a cable here, and a cable there. Here a cable, there a cable, everywhere a cable.

Old MacDonald had a scarf, ee i ee i ooooooo!

And more cables

Pattern: Here and there cables scarf by Norah Gaughan, from Scarf Style
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zara in off white, 4 balls
Needles: 4mm straights

Modification: Made to be a bit narrower on recipient’s (hubby’s brother) request. So only three repeats per row instead of four.

Phew, that was a LOT of cables. I think I’ll take a break from cabling after this. Perhaps some lace? That would be nice I think. I do love the look of these cables, though. Really ingenious. I wouldn’t even know how to begin thinking up cables as intricate as this. I love how, from certain angles, the cables look like a flowing stream of water. Really befitting Norah Gaughan, I thought, what with her book Knitting Nature where knitting patterns take inspiration from nature.


Last Friday Belinda, Corrie, and I had a little get-together. We talked about knitting, fabrics, and blogs — topics dear to my heart. Corrie gifted me a lovely Hello Kitty fabric, and Belinda gave me this adorable pouch that she made.

Tutti Fruiti Pouch

How cute is that! She said this pouch is one of her “seconds” as it is a bit “flawed”. I don’t know what she’s talking about, as this is gorgeous. I looove the fabric (close-ups here and here), I have been admiring this fabric ever since I saw it at Superbuzzy. It’s very well made too. If this is the quality of her “seconds”, imagine how good the pouches that she puts in her shop. Go there and check her out, she will be adding more pouches in the next few weeks.

This is one roomy pouch. It can fit two skeins of sock yarn comfortably, and even my Here And There Cables scarf in progress (almost done, just one more ball to go), complete with the 30cm long straight needles that I’m knitting it with.

Here And There Cables scarf in progress

Thank you very much for the pouch, Belinda! I love it. Even just looking at it makes me happy 🙂

Blue, White, And Grey

So yeah, I decided to join in Project Spectrum, and while thinking about February/March theme colours, I realised that hey, those were my school colours! In fact, let me show you my high school jersey.



In Australia, in the final year of high school (Year 12), it’s tradition for the graduating students to produce a jersey, typically in the school colours, as a memento of their high school years. Typically they show the year of graduation at the back, and when you’re just graduating, it’s cool to wear these everywhere you go. It’s like, look! we’re graduating!! Of course, when one had graduated from high school more than a decade ago, it’s not so cool anymore.

Anyway, I have casted on for my new projects. My brother in law asked for a scarf. A white scarf, of all colours. And he picked the Here and There Cables scarf from the Scarf Style book. I’m using Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn. It’s soft and nice to work with, and you can just put the item in the washing machine and it will come out even softer.


And these lovely skeins of Malabrigo will become a swing coat for Annette.