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And a scarf

Lace Rib Scarf

This is the lace rib scarf, aka the Cashmere Scarf from the Australian Creative Knitting issue 17. I used just 1 ball (plus a tiny bit) of Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn, leftover from a previous project.

I finished it a couple of weeks ago, and had been gifted for a friend’s birthday since. Unfortunately, this is the only photo I managed to take before being gifted, so no modelled shot. When I just finished the scarf, it looked kind of short, but you’ve got to love blocking lace. After blocking, the scarf stretched to about 145cm (57 inches), which I’m happy with.

This is also a quick knit, and I love how the scarf is reversible. The pattern is the same each row, but somehow it didn’t get boring.

Btw, if you haven’t seen yet, the Knitty calendar contest winners have been announced. No I didn’t win, and I can see why, the photos of the winners really are amazing! I love them all, they’re very creative indeed!

New project time…

Thanks everyone, for the lovely comments on Buttercup! It’s definitely my favourite FO so far.

Now that Buttercup is done, I think I need a small project to work on. The Cashmere Scarf from the latest Australian Creative Knitting mag caught my eye. It’s a lacey scarf with eyelets, it looked so lush in the picture, simple and elegant. It’s supposed to use up only one skein of the 4-ply Handmaiden Cashmere from Purl Yarns, and I guess it would be a dream to use that. But unfortunately budget doesn’t allow at this time (plus it’s currently out of stock), so I’m using some Filatura Di Crosa “Zara” yarn from stash, which was left over from the Beaded Cardigan. The yardage is less than the recommended yarn, but I don’t mind, it will just be a bit shorter. At the moment I’m only about 20cm into the scarf.

Lace Rib Scarf

The CK mag seems to have lots of problems with getting their patterns right. Some of the patterns are nice, but lots of times I have heard of people complaining about the errors in the patterns, things like missing charts, gauges that are way off, or sometimes even no gauge/yarn information at all (although things seem to be getting better). This scarf pattern, for example, has a rather glaring error. It says to cast on 24 stitches, but the pattern for the next row does not add up to 24 stitches. It’s very annoying, as I had to restart a few times. But in the end I worked out the right pattern. If anyone’s interested, the pattern should read (correction in bold):

Every row: P2, *yrn, P2tog, K2, P2* yrn, P2tog, K2