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All is well

For those wondering about how the ruffle on Buttercup turns out, I am so pleased to report that all is well! Looks like it will fit Annette just right, although it might grow a bit after blocking, which is still okay. This is how it looks like at the moment, almost getting to the armhole shaping.

Buttercup -- halfway through the back piece

As you can see, the ruffle turns out quite nicely. I love how it turns out, actually. The ‘gathering’ row is very cleverly written. I don’t know if you can see it very well here, but the ruffle is a bit more bunched up around the sides (where the heart leaf motif panel is), and less so around the center. And I love that heart leaf motif too. The DB wool cotton yarn sure makes a great stitch definition here.

Heart leaf pattern on Buttercup

I think it will look better after blocking.

And I have another FO! Remember when I talked about knitting Rabbit? Well she is now done, and has been gifted to the birthday girl (Annette’s friend).


Pattern: Rabbit, one of the Lovable Toys from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
Yarn: Sullivan’s Baby Touch 4 ply, in cream (for body) and pink (for inner ears). Unfortunately I don’t have any fluffy pink yarn on hand for the ears.

This was a quick and enjoyable knit… I think if I didn’t have to look after a toddler, cook, eat, or sleep, perhaps I could have made it in six to eight hours too. And the end result is so cute, I almost couldn’t give it away.

Time for Something New

First of all, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on Jemima! After Jemima, I was sort of project-less. (Yes, we shall not mention that scarf that resemble leaves from the backyard, that same scarf that has been sitting on my “Current Projects” list for months now, that very same scarf that is still not much further than the last time I posted about it back in February. I am still fond of that scarf, but for now I don’t feel like picking it up.) So I have started something new.

Starting garter-cuff mittens from Weekend Knitting

This is the beginning of the Garter-cuff Mittens from Weekend Knitting, using ‘Clinker’ yarn from Kmart. Depending on the lighting at the time, the colour can look dark purple or dark navy blue. I like it better when it’s dark purple. It’s been so cold here in Sydney (by Sydney standards of course), that everytime I go outside I wish I had mittens on. Of course I could just buy a pair, but wouldn’t it be more fun having a pair that I knit myself??

And that’s not all, there’s more!

I’ve also started on a new cardigan for Annette. The pattern is from Sirdar’s Snuggly Book of Baby & Toddler Knits.

'Buttercup' Sirdar Snuggly Cardigan

I’m using Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton from stash, in this yellowy buttery colour. So since the pattern was named so creatively as “Design F” in the book, I decided to just call it “Buttercup”. Not to be confused with that wonderful shrug by Kim Hargreaves of course.

Sorry for the crappy picture below, which shows the yarn. I’m only up to about 5 rows of the moss-stitch ‘skirting’ bit, which goes for miles and miles, as it is later gathered near the waist.

Starting 'Buttercup'

And then there’s more…

Rabbit soft toy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

A friend’s daughter, who is also Annette’s good play friend, is having a birthday next week. I’m making her this bunny rabbit softie from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Hmm I hope I can finish it on time…