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Thanks everyone, for the well wishes for my dad, and for the lovely comments in the last post. You sure warmed my heart, and I’m chuffed that you still drop by my little blog after all this time. I am excited to be back, I miss coming here and talking knitting.

So here we go! This is my latest finished knit.

Flowergirl shrug

I made this to go with Annette’s flower girl dress for the wedding two weeks ago. The bride had chosen pink as the theme colour (Annette did not mind one bit), and Annette’s dress was sleeveless. The wedding being in September, where we still get cold spells or windy days every now and then, I thought I’d make her a shrug to put on just in case it gets chilly. Well the weather turned out to be glorious, but Annette wore it anyway (after her official flower girl duty).

Flower girl

I didn’t use a pattern for this, although I didn’t start out wanting to design something myself. I did look around for shrug/bolero patterns out there, but nothing that fits my requirements, that I could find. I do like this one and this one (Ravelry link) but I was a bit concerned about whether I would have enough yarn to make Annette’s size. I had a skein of pink Lush Yarn Bamboo/Silk/Wool blend yarn that I thought would be perfect for a shrug. A skein is 300m (328yd) and I’d like to use just the one skein, so I thought the shrug should be lacy, to make the most of the yardage. So, some number crunching later, together with an arrow lace pattern from a stitch dictionary, this shrug was born. I added picot edging too for that extra girly frills. Hehe.

I’m very happy with it, and I think Annette likes it too. 🙂

Flower girl