Mirabella Socks

As promised, here’s the beginning of my FOs report 🙂

First up, the Mirabella Socks are done, in late December (but just haven’t blogged it). Here they are:

Mirabella socks, done!

And from the side:

Side view

Pattern: Mirabella Socks by MJ at yummy yarn
Yarn: About 1.5 balls of Elle Pure Wool 8-ply from Lincraft
Needles: Brittany Birch 3.25mm (US 3) — love these needles!

These are the first pair of socks that I’ve ever knitted, and I really really love it. (Thank you MJ for sharing the pattern!) I think it will get a lot of wear when the weather gets cooler.

Some thoughts and notes about these socks:

– It’s quite a fast knit, and not at all as complicated as it looks.
– I love how it fits me perfectly, nice and cosy. I wonder if it’s just beginners luck?
– I had to adjust the pattern a bit, as my yarn is thicker than the prescribed yarn. I didn’t do the honeycomb cables pattern on the sides as they wouldn’t fit.
– I made these socks a bit shorter than prescribed. Mine are only up to about 2 inches above the ankle, because that’s the way I like my socks.
– I knitted the cuff with the same size needles as for the rest of the sock, as I didn’t have any smaller needles than the 3.25mm. Need to get some! I did try to knit the cuffs tighter though. As a result the cuffs are still a bit loose than I expected, but not so loose that they drop down to my ankles. But I still like it, as these socks are intended to my cosy home socks.
– When I showed the sock to the hubby, his comment was, “Hey there are holes in your sock!” Sigh.

Some thoughts on sock knitting in general:

– Socks really are the perfect portable project — It’s very easy to take the project in and out of the knitting bag, for whenever that spare time comes up.
– Can be picked up and put away without much twiddling — very handy when I need to look after a toddler at the same time.
– Fast knit — A sock can be finished in just a few days, an almost-instant gratification.
– Can be quite addictive — I can see why some knitters can’t stop knitting socks.
– I chose a toe-up socks as my first socks, because I just like the way they look, and because I’m not a fan of doing kitchener… I am keen to try out other sock knitting techniques (cuff down or toe up) though. I’ve ordered a copy of Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks, so there will certainly be more sock knitting for me in the future!

Update: Just adding a bit more spec — Because of the thicker yarn used, these socks are 46 sts in the round.


MJ says:

Hi Claudine!

Thanks for writing; I’m glad you did! I do love your socks, they turned out great! Now I just have to rewrite the toe and heel instructions; it seems that that’s the hardest to follow of the instructions.

Wanda says:

The socks are just beautiful!

Antho says:

Have discovered the joys of knitting, once again, after many years. Making my coming grandchild an Aran pattern blanket right now. Tried socks, on circular needle (didn’t like it one little bit) and on double endeds (really like that) but, can anyone give me some pointers re how to avoid “ladders” in the fabric of the sock at the point where you move from one needle to the next? Any help most appreciated