A trip and a stole

The family and I got back from Melbourne last Monday. It was a good trip! We were there for hubby’s brother’s wedding, and it was a very nice wedding too. We rented a townhouse in the bayside suburb of Williamstown.


A ship in the bay, with city views in the background

Row of little shops

Rows of little shops

French Creperies

A French Creperies, where the wedding reception was held

Unfortunately not much knitting happened during the hols. I did bring along the lacey rib scarf with me, but in the end I was sucked in to a good book instead. That’s when we’re not attending the various get-togethers with the relatives or catching up with my new sister in law.

But I do have a new FO. I realise that I haven’t been talking about this one in the blog. No particular reason, probably just because it never quite looked very interesting. I’ve been knitting on a feather and fan stole in the background for the last month or so. I used KnitPick‘s free Andean Treasure Shawl pattern, except that I made it narrower. I used 3 balls of HomeMaker Clinker yarn from Kmart in ‘cream’. As with all things lace, the crumpled up mess turned into a beautiful drapey stole after blocking. It even complemented so well the outfit that I was wearing for the wedding.

Feather  & Fan stole

Feather & Fan stole


Donna says:

Your stole looks gorgeous! Well done 🙂

Jeanne says:

Your stole is beautiful!

kathy says:

Another beautiful creation. I love the delicate edge.

Meg says:

Wow, that’s lovely!

Terri says:

What do you mean ‘not interesting’??? It is gorgeous! Looks lovely on you too. :o)

Leisl says:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Sandra says:

Gorgeous! Suits you perfectly!

Sue says:

Love the wrap, its so beautiful. Did you happen to go to Stitchery Blue in Williamstown there. They sell rowan yarns and books, and other yarns too. Beautiful shop and they have one in Geelong too.