Up to no good

Thank you for the lovely comments on the scarf! :) My brother in law seems to like it too. (He’d better like it! :) )

Here’s something else I’ve been up to…

Work basket

The inspiration for this basket came from the cover of this issue of Cotton Time (the cute basket at bottom left corner, only I made mine bigger) and this fabric basket from the Crafter’s Companion book. I’m so very happy with this, it’s like a combination of my favourite fabrics of the moment.

Dimensions: 11 inches tall, 10 inches diameter. It’s big enough to carry all my knitting WIPs (well, the ones in active rotation anyway), so that they’re not all over the living room. Hubby is also pleased with this basket, he’s particularly enthusiastic about being able to find a place to sit again ;)

Sides and bottom fortified by Timtex. No more floppy sides this time!

It has a drawstring top…

Drawstring top

… and lots of pockets on the inside. For needles, notions, etc.


37 thoughts on “Up to no good

  1. Cool bag, Claudine! It makes sense to have all the knitting accessories on the outside and the yarn in the middle. And you have impeccable sewing skills.

  2. What a fantastic bag, and I love all the pockets and the drawstring top too. What a neat way to keep all your UFO’s in one place, at least for the time being.

  3. What a cute basket! I saw a larger version in a japanese craft book, which they used to store toys. Oh no! Now I want to make one of these, too….and I’ve got too many projects on the go.

  4. *Beautiful* bag. I just wandered over from whip up. Your blog is so inspiring. Not sure how it is that I haven’t come across it before. Anyway, I’ve bloglined you and will be back! :)

  5. Where in Australia can I get TimTex? I’ve been struggling along with ordinary iron-on interfacing, and it just doesn’t cut it.

  6. That is a great bag! I’m sure you could find many uses for it, from art to gardening, if you were absorbed by something else besides knitting! :o)

  7. fantastic job! i wish i could sew or operate a sewing machine so that i could make myself one of those… sigh…

  8. hi there
    glad you like my shop!!! I’ve just ordered the new patterns today and they will be here in 2 weeks.I’m giving free postage to my blogger friends so I’ll let you know when they’ve arrived! I’ve already had 4 orders for the frenchy bag so had to go and order more!


  9. oh my gosh! i have that issue of cottontime and i have been trying to make the very same bag. i am having such a hard time with it, i keep ripping it apart and starting over. you did a beautiful job, i love it.

  10. i love it. i too, have little bags of projects all over the house. It would be great to sew some dividers in to separate different projects, too!

  11. I just love this bag. I am new to your site and I love what I see. Since I am such a beginner at sewing, I was wondering if you would give a few instructions and “what not to do”. I live in the United States, so could you give a suggestion for a good alternative to Timetex?

  12. where can I get a pattern for this really cool craft. I have seen them also where the top is crocheted. ANy patterns for that?


  13. This is sooo awesome! I plan on making one for my own knitting stuff but I also plan on making one a bit bigger and changing the pockets to use for a diaper caddy that lil finger can’t get into!

  14. Looking at it, I keep thinking it is about the same proportions as a 5 gal bucket available at the local home remodeling place…. so long as you weren’t expecting to carry it about with you. Haven’t quite figured out how to get the pretty fabric all around, but it might just be a matter of time and scrunching up my face the right way……

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