More Sewing

There had been a flurry of sewing here lately. First there are these bears.

Bear Friends

These bears were made from a pattern in a japanese craft book, ISBN 4579109783, that I got from Kinokuniya a while ago. They’re my first foray into sewing softies, something I have been wanting to do for a long time. The brown and white gingham bear was the first one I made, he has so many flaws that are too embarassing to mention (including arms that got ripped out because the fabric frayed, and had to be re-sewn back in). But I’m getting better I think. And I love these bears to bits. (Okay, so they’re for Annette, but I wanna play with them too!)

Next we have a Market Bag, another project from the Crafter’s Companion. Pattern is by Anna Torborg. I used Alexander Henry’s Sunny Side print, and some cream-coloured brushed cotton.

Market Bag

It’s basically a large tote, with a drawstring near the top.

Market Bag

I had planned to do some embroidery on the cream-coloured fabric to break up the plainness, but then I got impatient and just wanted to sew up the bag so that I could see what it looks like, so no embroidery. But now that I see it, I quite like it this way. Just simple. (Funny how when I’m sewing I’m very impatient, wanting to see the result as soon as possible, but when I’m knitting I’m happy to spend weeks or months on the same project. I still have a lot to learn, I guess.)

And finally we have a twirly skirt, which I made using the tutorial from house on a hill road. I used some Hello Kitty fabric that Corrie gave me. This skirt is so easy to make, and Annette loves twirling in it. I have already planned to make more for her.

Twirly Skirt


Rose Red says:

These are all great – I love the red fabric on the bag. Must get my sewing machine out!

Megan says:

I am so loving that market bag. Was it easy to make? It looks simple enough.

Jade says:

Wow! You’ve been busy with all this great projects. I’ve been eyeing that skirt tutorial for a while now…loving your version of the twirly skirt.

Melly says:

Fbulous first attempt at a softie – so cute!!! And that skirt is gorgeous – I Love hello Kitty!

mette says:

Brilliant bag – love the drawstring solution. Great job! 🙂

Mel Nunn says:

Totally cute bears!! I dont know how I found your blog but it is pure eye candy!! And you are an Aussie!! Looks like you will have another official stalker of your blog now 😉


P.S. Scrapbooker by heart but I still have a huge soft spot for the “soft crafts” too!

isel says:

Just adorable stuff, but I especially like the HK skirt. Oh, I would done anything to have one like it when I was little. You have no idea!
So perfect…I want it. 😀

Sue says:

I think I will need to dig out my crafter’s companion book too and make one of those bags. Yours looks great. I love the little gingham bears, such cuties, and the Kitty Skirt is just so adorable and pretty.

vera says:

i love your market bag, especially with that gorgeous red fabric at the top. It looks wonderful!

laura b says:

Oh my goodness! Such cuteness! I think I’m in love with that twirly skirt. Please tell me that it was easy enough for a super beginner sewer. I would really love to try to make one! Love the softies and the bag too, but I definitely think they’re beyond my skill set.

corrie says:

oh everything you’ve made is gorgeous! don’t you love how sewing projects are quick and easy and you get the finished result in a day!

I love that skirt! no wonder little one loves it so much!

erin says:

that twirly skirt is adorable! thanks so much for letting me know that you made one. i also adore your market bag – soooo cute!

Michelle says:

the bears are so cute and that twirly skirts always looks nice on little girls. that bag is so nice too!!! good to use when doing shopping!!! ah…you can knit…you can sew!! i’m so jealous!!!

Di says:

I love your tote with the drawstring!! And the bears are very cute!!

Superb posting! I completely agree along with you.