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I recently made these bags for a friend’s kids. I’ve been admiring Sally Shim‘s patchwork (like this and this), and I thought I’d try my hand at some patchwork bags. I love these bags, they were hard to give away. I’m glad the kids and their mum loved them too.

These bags were fun to make. Just simple lined totes, nothing complicated, but hopefully will be useful. Patchwork on one side, and a matching pocket on the other side. As the main outer fabric I used a linen-look cotton fabric called Osnaburg, and some fabrics from stash for the patchwork. Choosing fabrics was both fun and very difficult at the same time. Fun because of all the possibilities of fabrics that I can match that would look good together. Difficult because of all the possibilities — “this looks good with that, but it looks great with that other one too!” I get so indecisive sometimes. It seems that I always love other people’s fabrics combo or yarn colour choices, but when it comes to my own projects I spend so much time fretting about whether the combinations would work!

Anyway, here are the bags in more detail. Click the pics for bigger.

Tote 1:

Tote 1Tote 1 pocket

Tote 2:

Tote 2Tote 2 pocket

Tote 3:

Tote 3Tote 3 pocket

Tote 4:

Tote 4Tote 4 pocket


Lolly says:

Such great fabrics! I really love the combination of colors on the first one. They look great, Claudine!

Belinda says:

I love all the fabric combos they look great. I can totally relate, I have the same trouble when I choose my own fabric. I think we all probably do. The possibilities!

Nora says:

So beautiful.

Rose Red says:

All these bags are great. I am finally going to get the sewing machine out this weekend – thanks for the inspiration!

You are making such lovely things Claudine!! and I’m envious of your blog meetups. xx Sharon

Rachael says:

Great bags! I love visiting your blog, always inspirational. I think my favourite is 3, I’m a sucker for that HB line!

cathy says:

I think I love No. 4. Although they are all gorgeous. I have exactly the same problem when it comes to matching up fabrics to see what goes with what. You have done a lovely job.

Sherry says:

Your bags are soo cute!!

Sandra says:

You really are on roll!

Michelle says:

wah…very very cute!! i like that pears and apples bag!!

Wow those bags are super cute. I can see how they would be hard to give away. I especially love the fishy fabric because I have the exact same one! Great minds thing alike! :O)

corrie says:

oh they’re gorgeous! just beautiful!!!!! love them!

lucy says:

Really gorgeous and fresh looking bags! Love the patchwork patterns.

sue says:

just lovely!!

Kristie says:

They’re fantastic Claudine! I’m an ummer and ahhher whenever I have to choose fabric too, but these look awesome!

Jade says:

They’re lovely, Claudine! My favourite would have to be the fishy one…so cute 🙂

Fiona says:

Beautiful bags. Love the different fabrics.

Leisl says:

Wow – I love them!

miastella says:

Such cute bags. Totes are my new gift…teacher, kids, anyone and everyone loves a new tote!