Uh oh. I blame this book. Those cute amigurumi!! I just can’t resist. Especially when reinforced by cuteness like these. The book is not actually an amigurumi book, but it has some amigurumi patterns and step by step pictures of the crochet stitches. I actually tried to learn crochet a long time ago, I borrowed a how to crochet book from the library but I just couldn’t get it. But now it suddenly just clicked. Must be the motivation factor! Oh, and crochet tutorials online are a great help too! Like the learn to crochet series at Crafty Daisies and the crochet basics at Purl Bee.

Anyway, this mouse amigurumi pattern is not from that book, it’s from here (scroll down a bit for the little mouse pattern).


myra says:

Oh my goodness! That is so cute. I really love the ears too.

laura b says:

How cute! I bet Annette loves it!

Tracey says:

And then you start cruising Etsy to find all sorts of wonderful PDF patterns for all creatures great and small. They take on life of their own and you just can’t stop collecting patterns and creating critters. Love those ears.

Sue says:

I just love that little mouse, so cute. I meant to post about it yesterday but was busy nominating you for your Rockin Girl blogger and forgot. I cant imagine how long it took to make him/her but she is very cute.

chris says:

Too cute! Thanks for the link!!

Sil says:

That is the cutest mouse I’ve ever seen. Much better than the real ones.

monica says:


Melly says:

ARGGGGGGG – I WANT him!!!!!!! Too damn cute!! I used to have pet mice as a girl and I have to admit I am in love with them they are so cute – but yours just takes the cake – it is TOO cute!! =)

Terri says:

Just too cute. :o)

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