And we’re back

Well I had an unintended break from the internet for the past two weeks. And I wasn’t even on holidays! Long story short, we had to replace our credit card after someone stole our credit card details online, and while we were waiting for the replacement to arrive, our internet provider company tried to charge us for the monthly bill and discovered that the credit card is no longer valid, and so they disconnected us. Boohoo.

Anyway all is fixed now, but it was a very long two weeks for me 🙁 Just felt so disconnected from the outside world! And I missed reading the blogs so much! I think I even had withdrawal symptoms. Hi my name is Claudine and I’m an internetaholic. It has been twelve days since my last internet fix. Now I can’t wait to catch up with what you all have been up to.

On the positive side, while I was away from the internet I managed to do some spring cleaning and decluttering, and some knitting and sewing as well. On the sewing front, I’ve been in coasters mood lately, and managed to sew up quite a few. I’ll put these in my little shop tomorrow, if you like them!

Coasters, coasters, coasters

I also made this apron for mummy’s little helper. Annette has been very keen to ‘help’ me when I’m cooking, so I thought I’d make an apron for her so she can look the part. I think it would be good as a crafting or painting smock as well.

Apron for Annette

The pocket is made of some cute japanese fabrics that I won through Sarah London‘s giveaway. These ones feature little red riding hood and little bo peep. Thanks, Sarah, they’re SO adorable!

The flowers embroidery pattern is from a japanese book, ISBN 4834724212.

Close up

Mummy's little helper

Anyway I’m off to catch up on some blog reading. Bloglines tells me that I have 1240 unread posts! Eek! I’ll see how I go 🙂


Suzanne says:

The coasters look gorgeous. You have such great taste in fabric. But that apron is over the top adorable! (It could be the cute model in the last pic that makes it perfect).

Lolly says:

I am sorry that you had to go through so many problems with the credit card! what a hassle. I am very happy to see you back though 🙂

Love the apron and the coasters. Annette looks adorable!

Alice says:

Gosh, I don’t know what I would do without the internet for so long!

I love the little apron, I must try to make something like this for my little girl 🙂

Bobbi says:

those are so cute!

stacey says:

Glad you got your stolen credit info figured out – what a headache! The coasters and apron are darling – I just love the little details!

Belinda says:

Gosh the whole credit card fraud thing is getting out of control!! Love the apron it’s so adorable!

lucy says:

Both the apron and coasters are very pretty. Just adorable!

M Goodsell says:

Claudine, I love the apron and I love the coasters!! You are really clever. That embroidery on the apron is gorgeous and your little girl is very sweet.

Welcome back. love the coasters!

Rose Red says:

The apron looks so big on the hanger and so small (but perfect fit) on the model – so cute!!

1240 posts huh. So you won’t have time to give us another post for another two weeks then, by the time you finish reading all of those!!

Jade says:

I was wondering if you’d gone away on holiday, since you’ve been quiet! Glad all is back in order…I’d be hyperventilating if I lost the internet.

Very cute apron and even cuter model!

Melissa says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

Sue says:

What a pain about the credit card fraud. How horrible for you. I adore Annette’s apron, it is just gorgeous and I love the black fabric. It makes everything stand out so well.

vera says:

Isn’t it just terrible when you get cut off from the net- i feel so disconnected from the world! Glad it is back up and running for you. :0)
Your coasters are so lovely, and that apron is really something else: Just divine.

2paw says:

Oh, that’s very bad luck, I am glad it is all sorted out now. I love the apron, and the helper!! So very cute!!!

Oiyi says:

The apron is beautiful! Annette is so cute in it.

Annette looks so absolutely gorgeous in that apron….really, really adorable!
Great job! (on both creations!)