Warming up

Yesterday I finally stopped procrastinating (gasp!) and got on with the plan to make Annette some summer clothes. About time, really, as the weather is starting to get summer hot. At first I was going to make a sun hat from this japanese patterns book (isbn 4579110544). But then I got distracted by the shorts pattern (from the same book) instead and thought that it would be easier to make, to get me warmed up.

New shorts

And yep, it was very easy to make! Once you found the pattern that you need to trace, that is… I used the bright and colourful mushroom fabric from Spotlight. Very quick project, all done in one naptime, from start to finish. Now that’s instant gratification!

Zigzag stitch

My sewing machine is nothing fancy, but it does have this zigzag stitch that has an overlocking effect and stops the edges from fraying. Very handy to know, especially if I want to start sewing clothes. Incidentally, my hubby was the one who first pointed out this feature to me, back when I brought up the idea of buying an overlocker/serger. So buying an overlocker is put aside for now 🙂


Jade says:

That’s a cute pair of shorts, Claudine! The fabric is fab. Do let me know when you make the sunhat. I was tossing about making it, too.

Sarah says:

They’re wonderful Claudine. Sewing for children (especially little girls) becomes very addictive and even more so now when then are so many wonderful fabrics available that weren’t a few years ago when my girls where that age.

Rose Red says:

My sewing machine has that too – it’s fab! Very cute shorts!

donna says:

They are just too cute!!!

I wouldn’t even know if my machine does that…? (Machine and I really need to get better aquainted)
Absolutely FANTASTIC shorts!

Love the fabric and the matching PINK t-shirt oh and the matching socks.
Just lovely….

mandy says:

So cute! And what great fabric!

Di says:

These are great! I love the fabric!! And so impressed by the speed that you made them – just one nap????

M Goodsell says:

How sweet are those little legs?!! Sooo cute!
I love how these have turned out.

corrie says:

cute! I love quick projects now and especially when its clothes that look much cuter than the stores!

my machine also does that stitch but of course I have an o/locker gathering a bit of dust too! its such a pain to change threads!

Sue says:

My computer finally worked with the photos today, not sure why they didnt the other day. The shorts look marvellous, and I have some stashed away too of the mushroom fabric, just not sure what to make yet. The zigzag stitch looks great on the edging too.

Leisl says:

Awww, too cute!