Sigh. Last couple of weeks were one of those weeks where things just seem to go wrong. A family crisis overseas. It doesn’t affect me directly, but has left me feeling down a lot nevertheless. Looks like my parents won’t be spending Christmas with me in Sydney after all, as now they’ll be going home earlier than planned. Well, it’s only two weeks earlier than planned, but it feels so sudden. Three months flew so quickly.

Then my sewing machine decided to take a break all of a sudden. Not sure if it’s really broken or what. It’s making a disturbing grinding noise instead of the usual smooth whirl. It can still sew, but I’m worried that if I keep using it something inside would break. I might need to take it for maintenance. Sigh. Oh well at least I’ll have more time to knit now. Which I’m not complaining about, as some relaxing time with my knitting is probably just what I need right now.

On a happier note, I managed to finish a few things before all this happened. First, a Frenchy bag for my mum.

Frenchy Bag

I made the shoulder bag version, using some home-dec fabric that I got at Spotlight. The most stylish bag I’ve made so far I think! Also most involved. I used the sew-in heavyweight interfacing, magnetic snaps for closure, and some extra snaps for closing the inner pockets. I decided not to use a contrast fabric for the top section of the bag, I just used the same fabric. I think it looks great this way too.

This is the first Amy Butler pattern that I made. Can’t believe I haven’t made one of her patterns earlier. The pattern was quite well written. It has a lot of steps involved, but each step was explained clearly, often with diagrams, so that it doesn’t overwhelm. And I love the bag! It’s stylish and it’s a good size. Will have to make one for myself later I think.

Then I finished these coasters for a custom order (although, I can’t take custom orders anymore at the moment, not until my sewing machine is fixed!)


I’ve also finished Annette’s socks, but more on that later. I’ve got some knitting and a cup of tea waiting for me for now 🙂


Terri says:

Sorry to hear about your stressful few weeks and that your parents have to go home early. That’s such a shame. But I do LOVE your bag. It’s so chic! And of course, so BEAUTIFULLY made. :o)

Rose Red says:

oooh knitting and a cup of tea – perfect therapy for a stressful period of time. Sorry your parents have to go home early – your mum must be very happy with her lovely bag

Steph says:

Your bag turned out lovely! I really like the fabric you used.

Sil says:

Oh no. Sorry about the parents having to return home earlier. Bummer.

Sounds like the sewing machine needs a tune up, stat! It may be a blessing in disguise, since you’ll get it back and it will be smooth an wonderful. Love those coasters.

ami says:

Love the bag! I’ve had the pattern for awhile but haven’t found fabric I’ve wanted to use. Now I’m on a fabric hunt.

Mandy says:

Wow! Your bag is the best I’ve seen! Your fabric choice is what makes it.

Here’s wishing you a great holiday, and I hope things start looking up.

Sue says:

Oh dont you hate it when things go wrong. So sorry that your parents have to go home early too. It must be just as disappointing for them as well. Your AB bag turned out great. I love the coasters, and still havent used mine yet, they look too pretty to put glasses and cups on and I know they will get marked so I am still admiring them as they are.

stacey says:

The bag is beautiful – sorry to hear your sewing machine will have to be on hiatius for a bit! The coasters are also fabulous!

laura b says:

So sorry that your parents are leaving early! How nice, though, that you could send your mom off with such an exquisite gift!

Donna says:

The bag is lovely, you did a great job. Sorry to hear about your parents leaving early. I hope you have a wonderful christmas.

Felicia says:

Oh, your mom is going to love that bag 🙂

corrie says:

oh dear I hope things have improved! I love the bag and agree 1 fabric is great and I must say her patterns appear long but she never misses a step and I need that!

I must admit no sewing machine while me moved made for some nice knitting!


M Goodsell says:

The bag and coasters are just beautiful. I really hope everything is okay :O)
Have a lovely CHristmas

Bobbi says:

oh no! I hope nothing is seriously wrong with the sewing machine!

Both the coasters and the bag look great!

Emma says:

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yours looks lovely, I think I will be back! Your creations are lovely!

I’m sorry to hear your parents can’t spend Christmas with you as planned, I hope everything is ok for your family overseas.

Jade says:

Well done! The bag is stunning, Claudine. I love your fabric choice. And you’ll have to show me how to attach the magnetic snaps. I still have to try those.

sandra says:

great bag pattern! My sewing machine “got wrong” only a month after FIL bought me – and I was literally crying, so my cousin come instantly (leaving 2 small kids home) to repair it! What a relief it was!

Wow love the fabric used on the frenchy bag. Oh and welcome to the addictive world of Amy Butler. Very few people escape once they have tasted of the fruit :O)

Have fun knitting

Diane Lovell says:

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Awesome bag and coasters! Hope your sewing machine is fixed soon!!

N says:

I lurk here often, and always wish you would give tutorials on the awesome sewing projects you do! I have never sewn, but looking at your goodies, you are making it very tempting:)

2paw says:

Hope things are a little less stressful in the New Year for you. Love all the really great things you ahve made. Wow!!!!

Ravenhill says:

The bag you made for your mom is gorgeous!!! I hope that you will be back again soon. I love your blog.

Som says:

Very nice bag.