New look

I’ve gotten rather sick of my blog theme and banner, so it’s time for a new look I think. The old one had been there since when I first set up the blog, more than two years ago. I’ve been wanting to change it for months, but procrastination got the better of me. Hmm, doesn’t it always… So now, new look, makes me happy. If you can’t see it, you might need to refresh your browser. I think I’ve got the kinks ironed out, but if you do find any problems, please let me know!

While you’re here, let me show you the socks that I was making for Annette. They’re done, and they fit! 🙂 Well, still a little loose actually. But I meant these to be more of bed socks, for her to wear when the weather gets colder, so I think it will fit her well then.

Toddler socks

I finished these back in December, but only just got a chance to take photos. The yarn is Socks That Rock medium-weight in ‘January One’ colourway that I had left over from another project. Hardly a stashbusting project, but it feels good to be able to use even the odd leftover balls 🙂 No particular pattern, just toe-up socks, 36 stitches a round on 2.5mm circulars, short-row toes and short-row heels.

Toddler socks

I’m glad Annette likes them. She was even willing to put them on for the photos, on a hot summer’s day! I love my bub.


Belinda says:

Love the new banner! The socks look great, love the colourway!!

Guess what I got a new camera for my birthday. It’s a Canon S5 IS, not exactly a DSLR. But somewhere to start for now.

Perhaps, we can catch up early Feb..we are off camping next week. We will be back the first week of Feb for when school returns.

Happy new year!!

bells says:

Looks wonderful Claudine. Really fresh and new.

I’m wanting to make socks for little girls. Yours look wonderful. I’m sure it’s not too hard to figure out sizing, is it?

Sue says:

Love the new look. Great socks for Annette too.

2paw says:

Is it the very beautiful cabled knitting??? Annette is very luck to have such lovely socks!!!

stacey says:

The socks are gorgeous – how sweet, she posed so nicely.

Lolly says:

I loved the old look, but the new look is a great fresh spin 🙂 so I like it too!

Beautiful little sockies!

Sil says:

Annette’s socks are cute! You can tell she’s smiling by her feet… Love the banner – very fresh and light.

Ravenhill says:

Love your new banner and the socks photos are really artisticly done.

Rose Red says:

Love your new look – but of course your banner is making me want to cast on for that scarf!! I bought the wool for it last year but have resisted actually making it…so far…at least now it will count as a stashbusting project!!

Annette’s socks are fab! And great haul of books in your last post too!

Nicole says:

I love how the socks stripe-up so evenly!

Great new look to the blog btw.

Felicia says:

Yes, I love the cabely goodness of your new banner. And the socks are quite spiffy too 🙂

Terri says:

Very cute socks and the new look blog is great! Very clean and classy. :o)

Meg says:

I love the new look too!

corrie says:

love the new look and of course those socks! adorable!