"Qiviuk scarf" pre-blocking


"Qiviuk scarf" blocking


"Qiviuk scarf"

The magic of lace blocking still amazes me everytime!

Pattern: “Qiviuk Webs Tam and Scarf” from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2007. I made the narrow scarf.
Yarn: Exactly 1 ball of Grignasco Bambi in, um, red? (sorry, lost the ball band)
Needles: 3.25mm

I blocked this using my new lace blocking kit that I bought from Natty Yarns in ebay a while back. I love it! Makes blocking this scarf so much easier, especially for the straight edges, I don’t need to use a gazillion pins to pin them out anymore!

This was a fun knit. Enough lace for my lace fix, but not too much that it drove me bonkers.

Well there you go, first FO of the year, done and gifted.


Rose Red says:

Wow, blocking is amazing isn’t it – your scarf looks just gorgeous! And only 1 ball – isn’t the yardage on the Bambi fantastic!

Sarah says:

Stunning! Wishing I had the patience to knit.

Peacock Chic says:

wow!! very pretty! Love the transformation!

Terri says:

Beautiful! :o)

2paw says:

Oh, it’s gorgeous!! I have that book but I don’t think items really make an impression until I see someone make them. The blocking is magic, isn’t it?

Jade says:

Gorgeous scarf, Claudine!

margaux says:

that’s goregous! beauitful 🙂 nice job!

Jeanne says:

Very pretty – I’ll have to add this pattern to the queue!

Vintage Grrl says:

Wow! I love the colour you used!

i think it definitely justifies the purchase of a lace blocking kit! 😀

Sue says:

Oh I saw your gorgeous scarf this morning whilst looking through the friends activity tab and saw how beautiful it was. It does seem as though the lace blocking kits work wonders too as the scarf is really beautiful.

Ann says:

Lovely scarf & the color is gorgeous! Blocking is the best part of lace knitting as it reveals the pattern.

Bobbi says:

very pretty! It’s lace like magic? 🙂

bells says:

oh yes. I hear you. Marvellous. And look at your results!

Claudia~L says:

Okay, that’s a beautiful scarf. I have a question though…never having blocked anything that i’ve knitted before…once you wash that, do you have to block it all over again? I’m wondering if I really need to be blocking more.

claudine says:

Hi Claudia, for a lace scarf like this I might block it again when I wash it, so that the pattern opens up. Or at least, let it dry laid flat, pulling it into shape gently. For other knitted stuff (non-lace), I would just let them dry flat. I haven’t had to do full blocking (with pinning etc) with any of my other knits. Just wash and dry flat usually.

If you haven’t tried blocking your knits, you should give it a go! It’s not hard, really! I like blocking (even for non-lace) because it evens up your stitches and make them look neater. And in lace projects like this one, blocking is just like magic, opens up the stitch patterns so beautifully!

Sil says:

Well that blocking made an amazing difference! Very beautiful work.

Felicia says:

Wow! Gotta love that blocking. Beautiful 🙂

Sandra says:

I adore blocking! Amazing process, always with great results!

Lynne says:


Blocking is like magic – where would we be without it?

kay says:

very nice work.

Diane says:

That is so gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

shanwen says:

Love that “red” ! it is truly amazing what blocking can do to your work 🙂

Lin says:

Truly magic! I love blocking lace, the scarf you have made is gorgeous.

Cindy says:

Looks lovely. I am trying to knit the narrow scarf also from the Interweave Knit Holiday 2007 issue. But I’m finding a problem with the small spiders chart working out – did that need any corrections ?


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