Two sided

The front

Soakers - front

… and the back.

Soakers - back

A while back Terri mentioned on her blog that a friend of hers is going to China to work in an orphanage for a month. Terri had the idea of knitting some socks for the kids, and I put my hand up. However it turned out that what the orphanage needed was knitted soakers/pilchers for the disabled kids to keep them dry at night. I didn’t mind making soakers, so here’s mine that I sent off to Terri. Hope you get it in time, Terri!

I used my leftover yarns for these, mostly Elle Pure New Wool DK (lovely, lovely yarn I bought from Lincraft a few years ago when I just started knitting, but they don’t stock it anymore now), except for the yellow one which is Paton’s Fireside 8ply. As you can see, the front and the back are very different 🙂 This was not planned from the beginning, but rather a result of me underestimating how much yarn would be required. But as they say, it’s not a mistake, it’s a feature. (Something I adopted back in my computer programming days… 🙂 ) I started off the front side with just a ball of the blue yarn and half a ball of the yellow from stash, thinking that would be enough to make the whole thing. But no no, I ran out of the blue and yellow not long after I finished the front side. And as these are scrap yarn, I didn’t have any more of those colours and so had to improvise and pick different colours. But I actually think they look quite cute in the end, I hope the kids will like them anyway!


Pattern info: Terri sent me a pattern (from the orphanage?), but I diverged from it quite a bit. I added a casing at the waist (the 2×2 ribbing) so that I could insert an elastic band. I thought about adding elastics for the leg openings as well, but was worried about making them too tight, so I only added some twill tape ties. And I added stripes to amuse myself.


Rose Red says:

I think these are great! I’m making some too – I also changed the pattern, to knit the main part in the round – I wish I’d thought of the casing modification too, that’s a great idea.

corrie says:

Oh claudine they are so cute!

I made some soakers and cloth nappies for orphans in russia last year and it felt good packaging it all off!


Terri says:

Claudine!! They are wonderful! And so beautifully knit, as I knew they would be. That was a great idea about the elastic casing. I’ll remember that for the next pair I make – so much neater than the cord through the ribbing. I love the scallop pattern you worked too. So pretty. I know the kids will love them. Thanks so much!! I will let you know the minute they arrive. I

stacey says:

Wow – these are simply darling – what a bright spot in a child’s life.

shanwen says:

wow.. that is so wonderfully cute:0 i love reading your blog. thank you for sharing. The red & yellow soaker is so beautiful, lucky kid !

chemgrrl says:

I think those are the cutest soakers that I’ve ever seen!

laura b says:

That’s the cutest soaker ever… and what a sweet cause!

Anniki says:

Amazing work! I agree with others, the cutest soakers I have ever seen.

Sue says:

Oh they are gorgeous, and I love the two different sides too.

Sue says:

Hi Claudine, me again, I just nominated you for an award so check my blog for details.

Jeanne says:

These are just too cute!

Becky-Dee says:

This is really cute! I love the scalloped striped side especially.

Kirsten says:

These are adorable!! I love the twill ties – perfect!

Sandra says:

way toooo cute!

Felicia says:

Quite adorable. I’m sure they’ll be appreciated 🙂

Mel Goodsell says:

oh my goodness, positively beautiful!!!
You are so clever!

Irene says:

Whoa- those are too cute!

Leisl says:

So lovely in so many ways.

Ann says:

It’s so gorgeous & I do love the colors & the different front/back versions. You are so creative!

Anna says:

These are so beautiful! I’m sure they will be appreciated.