Fabric wreath

Joyeux Noel

Things are starting to look festive around here. I made this fabric wreath, inspired by this one, using an embroidery hoop and fabrics from my scrap box.

We have finally ‘finished’ for the year — no more preschool or dance classes until February. No more mad rush in the mornings for 6 weeks, thank goodness. I’m hoping for lots of time to relax now. Today was Annette’s last day at dancing, and they had a dress up day. She wanted to dress up as a princess (no surprise there). I refuse to pay ridiculous amount of money for one of those Disney princess costumes that are not even well made, so in a moment of craziness I decided to make one myself. I used a pattern from a japanese craft book called All Your Kids Need (page 53), and an embroidered taffeta-like fabric from Spotlight (and lots of tulle underneath). I never thought I would attempt anything like this, and it’s not for the faint-hearted, but it turned out quite well I think.

Princess dress up

Some more things finished this week, thankyou gifts for teachers — face cloths and handmade soap (soap from my local health food store).


chemgrrl says:

Absolutely beautiful! In fact, I want one. Does the pattern come in larger sizes? 🙂

Bells says:

Oh my. Annette looks so beautiful. What a clever mummy she has!

And that wreath is perfect! What a great idea.

twoguinepigs says:

Lovely dress! Mum said her Mum used to make these for her while she was very young. Even as a young girl, Mum remembers how her Mum spent days and hours on sewing her dress! A lot of love has gone onto this one… and Mum wish she kept some of her dresses her Mum has made for her.

suzy says:

It’s all so lovely. Lucky Annette! I want to try making a wreath like that, too.

sue says:

I love the princess dress. It does look beautiful and I am sure Annette loves wearing it too. I like th dishcloths and soaps, what lovely gifts.

corrie says:

oh Annette you just are the cutest little girl and look like a beautiful princess…keira came over to the ‘pooda’ to have a look and she loves your dress!


corrie says:

oh and love your wreath and knitting! too cute!


Emma says:

Wow that dress is amazing! I don’t think I could sew anything like that…

Also I love the wreath and the face cloths look gorgeous too, beautiful gifts!

sil says:

Your princess looks so cute! I see quite a few more princess dresses in your future (I’ve made one a year for Halloween for 8 years…)

Enjoy the holiday and the break.

Rachel says:

Using an embroidery hoop to make that wreath is such a wonderful idea!

Rose Red says:

I love the wreath! I seem to have misplaced mine (have just moved house, so I guess that’s a reasonable excuse!) and this is a fabulous replacement idea!

And Annette’s princess dress – SO MUCH LOVELIER than bought ones – just fantastic!

soo says:

love the wreath! it’s a little late now…but thinking about making one for next year!

Terri says:

I don’t know how I’ve mananged to miss the last few of your posts!! Annette is adorable, your knitting perfect as always and your stitching beautiful. Those socks are amazing, your finished pieces always look so professional!

Bettyann Dominico says:

When are you going to post again? You really entertain a lot of people!