The bear, and the cat, and the panda


… would like to wish you a Happy New Year! 🙂

We’ve had quite a nice break for the past few weeks. Been to the zoo, reorganised my stash, and managed to do some crafting too.

The softies above, were made with Mochimochi Land’s Stackable Cats pattern. I modified the ears to be more rounded for the bear and the panda (and shorter tails for them, but I’ve got no tail photos…), and different facial features for all of them. They were for hubby’s little brother, who loves softies and requested these.

And, like many people, part of the fun of starting a new year is getting a new diary. I was excited to discover that my favourite stationery store, kikki.K, sells diary ‘refills’ — their usual stylish diary contents on the inside, but without the pretty cover on the outside. I saw them and thought that these would be excellent to make custom book covers for. So I made one, out of some scrap japanese fabrics and linen. I love it so much, imperfections and all.

Diary cover

Diary inside

Too bad I discovered them a little too late, otherwise they would’ve made fantastic Christmas gifts I reckon! Next Christmas, maybe? 🙂


Michelle says:

OMG!! That has to be one of the cutest knitted things I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!

Rose Red says:

I LOVE the stackable toys!! They are fantastic!!

And the diary is perfect – and you are right, a fabulous christmas gift!

Oiyi says:

So cute! And the diary is so pretty.

Ursula says:

The stackable toys are SO cute!! I’ll fave the panda – love the eyes. *sigh* Beautiful diary, too!

Sasha says:

I am in LUFF with those diary covers!

have decided I must make some amongst my first sewn items from my new sewing machine! Great for gifts to keep one’s books in good knick! 🙂

chemgrrl says:

Those are fricking cute. But then, do you ever make anything that’s *not* cute? 🙂

sue says:

Oh those softies are just adorable. I love all of them. Your diary looks fantastic and they would make wonderful presents for birthdays too.

Leisl says:

How cute are those softies?!! Insanely cute, that’s what!

Happy new year to you and yours, and may all your knits be great!

Priscilla says:

your crafts are very perfect and you have very good ideas.

Terri says:

The diary is gorgeous. What a clever girl you are. Yes, perfect presents for next Christmas, or if you can find a plain notebook, they’d make great little journal gifts for birthdays etc too.

Nell says:

Cool mod on the stacked cat pattern. Very clever!

stacy says:

Love reading about your craftiness…. & that is why I nominated you for the Lemonade Award. See my blog for details if you would like to participate and pass on the love!

Ailsa says:

Those guys are so cute – I love their different faces and expressions. The colours are gorgeous too. Great picture too.

Karisma says:

COOL, The cat is very cute!

Rachel says:

Such an adorable diary!

Ravenhill says:

Oh, happy day to discover your fabulous blog! I have so enjoyed perusing your archives and enjoying your expert photography of you, your little one and all the beautiful things you make with your hands. I hope to visit often…

kae says:

oh how cute! and i LOVE that diary. I’ve never made a journal before, but I definitely want to make my own now!

Shireen says:

There you are. I stopped by yesterday and your blog was missing in action. I looove that diary cover. Another good reason to shop at kikki.k, not that I ever need a good reason.

kirsten says:

what a terrific idea.
these look fantastic. well done, you.

dudeguy says:

It’s ok to have a comment.

Marina says:

A belated happy new year to you Claudine. I especially love the journal cover!

Ann says:

Those animals are so cute!

maggie says:

Hi, Claudine. Absolutely love your stackable animals. Would like to know do you sell those cuties? 🙂

Maggie xx