Marshmallow cake

Also last week, my baby turned five! The cheeky little thing.

Here she is wearing her new tuttifruiti skirt.

New tuttifruiti skirt

It was very difficult getting that shot, as she kept breaking into a dance, like this.


She sure loves to dance. You know that So You Think You Can Dance show? She calls it the I Think I Can Dance show.


Linnea says:

Adorable, adorable! She’s got such a great smile!
What a happy girl :o)

Rose Red says:

FIVE! Five already! wow! Happy Birthday to the cutest, danciest little girl ever!!

Jade says:

Wow! That was quick and the little miss is looking prettier everyday. The skirt is adorable on her.

sue says:

Cute cake for a gorgeous birthday girl. I am sure my daughter thinks the same thing about that show too. She absolutely loves it. I love her skirt by the way!

Melissa says:

Oh happy birthday to your beautiful little one! That cake, yum!

chemgrrl says:

Wow, she has jazz hands. So cute!

I love the cake, too. And the skirt!

mai says:

my goodness, she is beautiful! happy birthday to her 🙂 i love her outfit and the cake looks yummy!

Shireen says:

Happy belated birthday wishes to Annette! That cake looks delicious, and it co-ordinates with the cute skirt.

Oh… we turn 3 this year, so that makes Annette older than us. Happy belated birthday!

Oiyi says:

Okay, she is just too cute! Happy Birthday to your baby because you know they will always be our babies no matter how old they get.

corrie says:

happy birthday miss annette! you are still as cute as ever!


Rachel says:

Adorable skirt!