Bendigo Woollen Mills shadecard

Loving… the new Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card that I received just recently. In particular, their new yarn, Luxury. I haven’t been a big fan of Bendigo’s wool yarns (I do love their cotton yarn — more on that next post), but this one feels very soft! And the colours are gorgeous. I’ve been walking around carrying the shade card in my hand, for the past week or so, just brushing my fingers across the sample yarns and dreaming of what to make with them. I’ve placed an order and now just have to wait!

Stash fabrics

Playing… with fabrics again, first time in a long while. These are just fabrics from stash, most of them from Spotlight. Going to be a bookshelf curtain for Annette’s room.

New coat

Planning… a new knitting project, a coat for me, with some Cascade 220.


Doodling… making a pattern for a top for Annette. If it works out I might share the pattern here 🙂


Rose Red says:

Love the look of Annette’s top – and can’t wait for your next model shoot in your new coat!!

Mum buys Bendigo Woollen Mills too. She said the Aran wools are pretty good. It’s easy to knit and it is ‘springy’. And the cotton one doesn’t split as much as Jo Sharp’s.

Oiyi says:

That color card is gorgeous!

Salihan says:

I ordered some of the luxury yarn too! My sis-in-law picked “Lake” for beanies for herself and her 7 year old son. I’m anxiously waiting for the delivery. And Annete’s top looks adorable!

Btw, where do you get Cascade 220 from?

sue says:

I received my shade card last week too, and the colors are just beautiful, although not a lot of them are 10 ply. I just ordered some more 4 ply cotton from their website as the colors are great now, no more pastels for me. Love the design you are knitting up too, it looks very pretty in that color.

Michelle says:

I love the tilted duster!! You should definitely CO that project!!! 🙂 What are yarn are you planning to use?

Those fabrics are so pretty!!! Really really wish I can sew!!!

Kelly says:

You’re not alone with your feelings on the Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn. 🙂 I don’t know why, but I immediately noted that Luxury comes in a 4 ply and I wondered how it would go being knitted into socks…

Can’t wait to see your next fabric creation. You sew beautifully and have a wonderful eye for combining fabric with different colours/patterns. I love seeing what you make! 🙂

Melissa says:

Lovely fabric and patterns.. The color of the top for Annette is terrific. Can’t wait to see the Tilted Duster completed!

corrie says:

oh yes I’m trying to decide what to order from bendigo. it all looks so delicious and the luxury is such great value!

I wanted to make the tilted duster but now with 3 little people to knit for might be next winter project

hoping you’ll share your top for annette! looks adorably cute and I”d buy your pattern in a flash!


suzy says:

Such gorgeous photos! I just placed my first Bendigo order and am now anxiously waiting…
Your pile of fabric is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
And I have finally finished all your Twilight books! Thank you so much for lending them to me, I thoroughly enjoyed a bit of vampire escapism. I’ll email you about dropping them back.