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For those wondering about the drapey stuff that I wrote about (ah, such a long time ago!) you’ll be glad to know that both had become FOs. The first one is Coraline cardigan for my mum, which I finished sometime in July, and sent to her in August just before her birthday.

Mum and I are about the same size, so I’m modeling it here just before I sent it to her.

Coraline cardi for mum

It’s a beautiful pattern, and a joy to knit. Even the stocking stitch sections are strangely soothing — probably just what I needed — and the lovely little details make it even better.


The smocking pattern around the yoke was new to me. It’s very interesting, though. It does require you to pay attention, but it rewards you with that ‘ahh so that’s how it’s done’ feeling.

Smocked yoke

The button loops were added after all the knitting was finished, using sewn button loops technique, which was new to me as well (tutorial here). I really like how it looks, and will be using this technique again in the future I think.


The only modification that I did was on the sleeves. I usually like my sleeves full length, but my mum likes 3/4 lengths, so I’ve shortened the sleeves here. It’s not bad, I have to say. I might even try making 3/4 length cardis for me in the future.

Coraline cardi for mum

The yarn, Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton, is great, and I’ve mentioned how much I love this yarn (drapey!). It really makes a nice fabric for garments, and shows stitch definitions so well, which is great for this pattern.

So, a great knit overall!

Pattern: Coraline by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 8ply in ‘Latte’, 2 balls
Needles: 3mm and 3.5mm


Coraline WIP

This is one of my current WIPs, a Coraline cardi for my mum, using Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in ‘Latte’. My mum lives in Indonesia, where it’s hot and humid (which is why I’m using cotton), but occasionally there are those over-airconditioned buildings where an extra layer of clothing wouldn’t go astray.

This is the first time I’ve used Bendigo’s cotton, and I’m really enjoying knitting with it. It knits up so nicely into this drape-y fabric, doesn’t split easily, and just the right weight for summer knits (I’d say it’s a little thinner than 8ply / DK weight). The resulting fabric is so smooth and drape-y, it feels like a nice blanket on my lap while I’m working on it!

Flit n Float WIP

And this is another WIP, the Flit ‘n Float scarf from Knitty, a birthday present for a friend. I just love the ruffles! The yarn, Grignasco Champagne, is another winner. I’ve used it for a gossamer stars scarf. At 75% fine merino and 25% silk, it makes a seriously lush yarn. And with 166 metres to a 50g ball, 2 balls can make a decent sized scarf! Love it.