Coraline WIP

This is one of my current WIPs, a Coraline cardi for my mum, using Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton in ‘Latte’. My mum lives in Indonesia, where it’s hot and humid (which is why I’m using cotton), but occasionally there are those over-airconditioned buildings where an extra layer of clothing wouldn’t go astray.

This is the first time I’ve used Bendigo’s cotton, and I’m really enjoying knitting with it. It knits up so nicely into this drape-y fabric, doesn’t split easily, and just the right weight for summer knits (I’d say it’s a little thinner than 8ply / DK weight). The resulting fabric is so smooth and drape-y, it feels like a nice blanket on my lap while I’m working on it!

Flit n Float WIP

And this is another WIP, the Flit ‘n Float scarf from Knitty, a birthday present for a friend. I just love the ruffles! The yarn, Grignasco Champagne, is another winner. I’ve used it for a gossamer stars scarf. At 75% fine merino and 25% silk, it makes a seriously lush yarn. And with 166 metres to a 50g ball, 2 balls can make a decent sized scarf! Love it.


sue says:

Just gorgeous. It makes me want to knit with cotton now. I just ordered some of the 4 ply cottons from Bendigo last week and cant wait to knit some summery tops out of them. I love the scarf too, beautiful and the color is very pretty.

Bells says:

i love Bendigo cotton too. It was my first bendigo purchase years ago. It wears so well and is really so good to work with. Lovely.

Rose Red says:

Your knitting is so lovely – the cotton looks great, so smooth, and that champagne yarn – oh my it is lovely isn’t it. Gorgeous colour too.

Oiyi says:

That cotton fabric looks heavanly. Your picture makes me want to reach out and touch it.

Oiyi says:

Is the cotton you arw working with 4 ply or 8 ply? I normally don’t work with cotton because it’s rough on the hands, but you are making me think of trying this. Too bad, it’s only sold in Australia. I am looking at their website right now and was wondering if there are any of their you would recommend and ones that you don’t like?

Peacock Chic says:

wow both projects look awesome! I especially love the color and shine of the scarf!

Ann says:

A good choice of yarn. I knitted a cardigan for my mum recently & also used Bendigo 8ply cotton. She loves it.

corrie says:

yep I love bendigo cotton! plus they bring out new colours each year! I love everything you’ve made!


Rachel says:

The Coraline pattern is beautiful!

Kate says:

I really like the bendigo cotton, although I get gauge for 5 ply patterns, not 8! I’ve got two projects using it on the go – it’s slow going because 1) I don’t really like knitting with cotton and 2) I keep stopping to look at how pretty the stitches are and how drapey the fabric is…

Let me know if you get any of the new bendigo yarn? I really like some of the colours, but it feels a bit squeaky to me… I’d like to touch it before I buy it. The only wool of theirs I really like is the alpaca and the rustic, but there are just not enough colours of the rustic! The other, creped, yarns feel weird and just don’t retain heat the way wool should!

Kristen says:

I love the colour of the Bendigo cotton. Cant wait to see the FO. Lovely photo.

Elsie says:

Hi Claudine!

I just stumbled across your website and I love it! You’re so wonderfully creative, I wish I could sew and knit like you 🙂 I love your blog’s layout and design: simple, clear and a pleasure to look at. Your photos are very sharp and well composed, and Annette looks as adorable as I remember.


Kristen says:

I have tagged your blog for ‘meme’. If its not your thing then no worries just ignore:)

Shireen says:

It looks like your blog is hibernating over winter..heehee. Always lovely to see your knitty handiwork.