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Another day at the markets

At the market

Annette and I watched Ponyo this morning, thanks to some free tickets from Energy Australia that we got a while ago. We both loved it! It’s a very endearing story I thought. Annette is still finding cinema-going a novel experience (this is only her second time), so she had lots of fun.

The story has similarities to The Little Mermaid, it’s about a goldfish (Ponyo) who wants to be a human girl so she can be with Sosuke, a five-year-old boy who rescued her when she was stuck in a cast-off jar. There’s an environmental message in there too. Such a charming movie, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

Banana and chocolate crepe

After the movie we pottered around at the EQ Markets and had some yummy lunch. The flowers were looking stunning too, such a feast of colours!





Farmers market

Bougainvillea at Fox Studios market


Vegetables stall

Fruit baskets



At the Fox Studios / EQ Village market.

I am so glad that this year Annette’s dance classes happen to be on the same day that this farmers market is on, right next to the dance school. So each week after her dancing we pop by to the market to have our lunch and grab some fresh fruits or veggies for dinner. There’s a number of good food stalls (Annette and I love the Turkish gozleme, pancakes and crepes), lots of fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, cheese, baked goods, and a few craft stalls. Not bad!

On photo-taking

Well April has gone past, and so has the 30 days macro challenge. Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my photos or gave me feedback. I really appreciate it!

As expected I didn’t get to post every day of the month, and I didn’t end up with 30 macro photos, but I’m very happy with what I managed to do. I first joined in the challenge just for fun, but as it progressed I started to get more and more into it. I started bringing my camera with me everywhere I go, and started to pay attention to things that I didn’t even notice before. Like how fallen leaves can look rather pretty, or how knitting needles can look like artwork, or how some things look even better in black and white.

Macro challenge photos

It seems that I’m drawn towards nature shots. I guess the good thing with nature shots is that I don’t have to pose them, I just have to find a good angle 🙂 Plus it tied in quite well with Project Spectrum‘s “earth” theme.

The other day I was digging up some of my bookmarked photography links, and I thought I’d put them up here.

  • Product photo tips — A good bunch of tips on good photo taking, like lighting, background, etc. This tutorial is aimed at making product shots for selling on etsy/ebay, but I think they’re very relevant as well for us who take photos of our knitting/craft projects for our blogs.
  • 21 ways to shoot better photos — Some good tips on how to make your photos more interesting, something I’m still learning!
  • Pink Chalk Studio’s Photography 101 — Great description on how to process your photos after you shoot them, like adjusting colours and contrast. Kathy’s way of doing it is pretty much the same as how I process my photos, except that she explains it much better than I could. I use Photoshop Elements (sort of a “lite” version of Photoshop) to process my photos, which is more than enough for what I need. Another one that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out recently is Picnik, which is an online photo editor, does cool things and can be linked to your flickr account as well.

Well I hope some of you find these useful!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mums, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Pointy sticks

Pointy sticks


Easy chocolate slices

Following Sadieandlance’s advice I stepped away from the computer for a few minutes this afternoon and whipped this up. Yummy! Recipe is here.