Farmers market

Bougainvillea at Fox Studios market


Vegetables stall

Fruit baskets



At the Fox Studios / EQ Village market.

I am so glad that this year Annette’s dance classes happen to be on the same day that this farmers market is on, right next to the dance school. So each week after her dancing we pop by to the market to have our lunch and grab some fresh fruits or veggies for dinner. There’s a number of good food stalls (Annette and I love the Turkish gozleme, pancakes and crepes), lots of fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, cheese, baked goods, and a few craft stalls. Not bad!


Rose Red says:

Such great photos – especially the last one – Annette is such a cutie and this is a great photo of her!

Oh yum… those fruits and veg look delicious!

Oiyi says:

Spectacular photos of the farmers market.

Rachel says:

It looks gorgeous!

Mel Goodsell says:

Hi Claudine,
These are such beautiful photos and your sweet Annette is looking adorable. My niece has the same outfit that she is wearing, it’s so cute with the big circles.

Sasha says:

Looks and sounds fantastic! Delicious in fact! 🙂

faeryknitter says:

I love the photos! You can’t beat the farmers markets for frest and seasonal produce! Looks beautiful.

faeryknitter says:

Love the photos! You can’t beat the farmer’s markets for fresh and seasonal produce. Beautiful!

Terri says:

Gorgeous photos as always. Such a wonderful riot of colour! Lucky you having a farmer’s market close by. 🙂

corrie says:

oh your photos take me there! wish I lived closer to the markets!

keira starts dance class next term and I think I could be more excited than she is!!!! if thats possible because she is pretty excited!


Ravenhill says:

Your wonderful, summery and colorful photos are just the shot of cheer I needed right now!!! Thank you for sharing your boundless talents!