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Another day at the markets

At the market

Annette and I watched Ponyo this morning, thanks to some free tickets from Energy Australia that we got a while ago. We both loved it! It’s a very endearing story I thought. Annette is still finding cinema-going a novel experience (this is only her second time), so she had lots of fun.

The story has similarities to The Little Mermaid, it’s about a goldfish (Ponyo) who wants to be a human girl so she can be with Sosuke, a five-year-old boy who rescued her when she was stuck in a cast-off jar. There’s an environmental message in there too. Such a charming movie, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

Banana and chocolate crepe

After the movie we pottered around at the EQ Markets and had some yummy lunch. The flowers were looking stunning too, such a feast of colours!





Oh look, a new post!


Hello! And it’s only been… oh, four months?? Hehe… it does look like my blog has been hibernating over winter… Sorry to disappear like that. There had been… well, some stressful things that kept me away from blogging (got myself a freelance job, and then my dad had a severe stroke), so things had been up and down here.

But it’s not all bad…

Flower girl bouquet

Last Saturday was our friends’ wedding, where Annette got her first flower girl gig.

And there had been some stash enhancements…

Loot from Stitches & Craft show

These are my loot from Stitches & Craft show back in August, consisting of Lush Yarn and One Fat Slug yumminess.

And this lovely sock yarn sampler from Knitabulous.

Knitabulous sock sampler

So yeah, not all bad. And there had been lots of knitting too, so will be posting about those a bit later. In the meantime, I hope you’re having a nice weekend!


Handbound books

I do love markets. I wish I could go to more of them. Last Saturday I managed to go to Glebe Markets. It was fun. Seems to be a lot more arts and crafts type stalls than at the EQ market.

I fell in love with these printed tees and skirts by Red Ruby Organics.

Red Ruby Organics

And these cute tees by Cumbungi.


And some yarny goodness which I got from Knitness‘ yarn stall. 🙂

Yarn from Ness

Farmers market

Bougainvillea at Fox Studios market


Vegetables stall

Fruit baskets



At the Fox Studios / EQ Village market.

I am so glad that this year Annette’s dance classes happen to be on the same day that this farmers market is on, right next to the dance school. So each week after her dancing we pop by to the market to have our lunch and grab some fresh fruits or veggies for dinner. There’s a number of good food stalls (Annette and I love the Turkish gozleme, pancakes and crepes), lots of fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, cheese, baked goods, and a few craft stalls. Not bad!