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I do love markets. I wish I could go to more of them. Last Saturday I managed to go to Glebe Markets. It was fun. Seems to be a lot more arts and crafts type stalls than at the EQ market.

I fell in love with these printed tees and skirts by Red Ruby Organics.

Red Ruby Organics

And these cute tees by Cumbungi.


And some yarny goodness which I got from Knitness‘ yarn stall. 🙂

Yarn from Ness


Rose Red says:

Great pictures – looks like Glebe markets is better than I remember it (although to be fair I haven’t been for at least 8 years probably!)

Melissa says:

Looks like a great day. Might have to get myself down there one of these days!

chemgrrl says:

Ooo, I love those printed tees and skirts too. Do they have an online store?

Oh.. didn’t know you can get such beautiful yarns from Glebe market! I should tell Mum that. She loves the weekend market and maybe she can even pop by Glebe’s.

corrie says:

oh wow I haven’t been yet! thanks for checking them out for the rest of us sydneysiders! must go!

kaite says:

oh, i love your inspiring blog! so glad i found you!