Oh look, a new post!


Hello! And it’s only been… oh, four months?? Hehe… it does look like my blog has been hibernating over winter… Sorry to disappear like that. There had been… well, some stressful things that kept me away from blogging (got myself a freelance job, and then my dad had a severe stroke), so things had been up and down here.

But it’s not all bad…

Flower girl bouquet

Last Saturday was our friends’ wedding, where Annette got her first flower girl gig.

And there had been some stash enhancements…

Loot from Stitches & Craft show

These are my loot from Stitches & Craft show back in August, consisting of Lush Yarn and One Fat Slug yumminess.

And this lovely sock yarn sampler from Knitabulous.

Knitabulous sock sampler

So yeah, not all bad. And there had been lots of knitting too, so will be posting about those a bit later. In the meantime, I hope you’re having a nice weekend!


Rose Red says:

Oh Claudine, sorry to hear about your dad – I hope things are better now? I’ve been in your shoes, if you want to email about anything please do.

Otherwise, really nice to see you back, have been wondering how you are and what you’ve been making! Annette must have been so excited about her flower girl gig!

Kate says:

I am so sorry about your dad. I hope things are ok and everyone is coping.

Lisa says:

I’m so glad you are back to blogging again, I have missed your lovely posts, welcome back Claudine. I had checked your blog this morning, must have known something was in the wind. So sad to hear of your dad’s stroke, I do hope things keep improving for him and all the family. Love seeing your latest yarn purchases, very nice choices too! Looking forward to seeing what you have been working on, will check in again very soon.

Hello – we’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Them sock yarn samplers looked like cupcakes!

Ailsa says:

Oh Claudine, I’m very sorry to hear about your dad. Such a horrible thing to happen to someone.

I think I’m going to have to buy you a coffee one day and get some yarn photographing tips from you. You make everything look so scrummy!!


sue says:

So sorry to hear about your dad’s health Claudine, I do hope he is on the way back to good health. I was wondering where you had been just over the weekend thinking it was quite a while since you blogged. Those yarns do look beautiful and I have been stash enhancing from those 3 places too, lots of socks next year I think. I cant wait to see your knitting and welcome back, I love reading your posts.

Salihan says:

Welcome back Claudine. I hope your dad has a good recovery.

P.S. Great loot! Such yummy looking yarn!

Priscilla says:

Welcome back Claudine, miss reading your blog. Hope your Dad is doing okay. I like the colors of your yarns.

Maria says:

Welcome back and hope your Dad is feeling better.

corrie says:

claudine, I won’t tell you how many times I’ve popped over to see another post after drapey! feel I’ve read drapey so many times!!!

I’ve missed you and so sorry to hear about your Dad, hope we’ll catch up again soon

Jen says:

You have so many fans! And all the positive thoughts will help with your dad’s recovery and thank you for the beautiful entry. Jen

Jen says:

You have so many fans! And all the positive thoughts will help with your dad’s recovery and thank you for the beautiful entry. Jen

Alecia says:

Glad to see you back… sorry about your dad and I hope he’s making a speedy recovery. I was hoping everything was okay when there were no posts, as I love reading about your knitting adventures. The new yarn is fabulous. Its fall again in the states, so I’m feeling inspired by yarn again. Take care!

flowerpress says:

My Dad had a severe stroke a year ago so I understand all too well what you have been facing. Though much is changed things do improve slowly, I hope they do soon for your Dad too. Susie

Amber says:

I think it’s lovely that you can find the bright side of things in times of gloom. That is good inspiration to others who are also struggling.

That sock yarn sampler from Knitabulous is awesome! That could lift many spirits! It lifts mine by just looking at a picture of it. 🙂

I’m enjoying your blog, by the way and plan to stay tuned!