Okay! So here’s the next installment of Knits I’ve Been Working On But Haven’t Blogged About. (It’s terrible I know… It seems that I can knit faster than I can blog, so I have to keep catching up. After this one there are just a few more small knits I think, and then we can go back to regular ‘real-time’ blogging with the current WIPs.) For now… It’s a finished Eastlake jumper!

Eastlake jumper

The pattern is from Norah Gaughan Collection Vol. 3. It caught my eye when I first saw the previews on Ravelry, and I knew I wanted to knit this ‘someday’. Turned out I managed to make this earlier than I expected, as hubby gave me the perfect yarn for it as an early Christmas present (taking advantage of Morris & Sons’ sale). He then kept asking me, “Aren’t you going to knit with the yarn I gave you?” How can I say no? It is a most lush yarn after all. It’s Lana Gatto Super Soft in an olive colour, which is indeed super soft, the texture and feel of the yarn is similar to that of Filatura Di Crosa Zara yarn (which is one of my favourite yarns), for those familiar with it.


I made a couple of modifications with this. The first was to make the eyelets around the leaves smaller, and eliminating the eyelets that go across the body altogether. This was so that I can wear it even without a layer underneath. (Not my idea, I saw this mod on soknitpicky’s project notes on Ravelry and thought it’s a great idea.)

The second was to make it with long sleeves instead of the three-quarter length sleeves on the pattern. I’m just not a big fan of three-quarter length sleeves, as I seem to be forever tugging them down or pushing them up my arms.

I have to say, I’m very happy with the result. I love this jumper! It has lots of little details — the leaves column down the front, the detailing on the sleeves, the A-line shape, the neckline construction — that make the jumper just that much more interesting than other ones that I own. Once the weather gets colder I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of this.

Eastlake jumper

Pattern: Eastlake by Norah Gaughan. (If you make this, do check the pattern corrections as there are a few.)
Yarn: Lana Gatto Super Soft, colour #13340 (olive), 9 balls.
Needles: 3.75mm and 4.5mm addis
Ravelry link

Farmers market

Bougainvillea at Fox Studios market


Vegetables stall

Fruit baskets



At the Fox Studios / EQ Village market.

I am so glad that this year Annette’s dance classes happen to be on the same day that this farmers market is on, right next to the dance school. So each week after her dancing we pop by to the market to have our lunch and grab some fresh fruits or veggies for dinner. There’s a number of good food stalls (Annette and I love the Turkish gozleme, pancakes and crepes), lots of fresh flowers, fruits and veggies, cheese, baked goods, and a few craft stalls. Not bad!



Like many people, I couldn’t resist the charm of Ysolda’s adorable softies patterns. This little cutie here has been claimed by Annette. She calls her Ellie.

Elijah pattern by Ysolda.
Rav link.

She knits

Cherry cardigan

So yeah, this is one of the knits that I had been working on. It’s the Cherry cardigan, by Anna Bell. I started this back in November last year, and I think I finished all the knitting and seaming sometime in December, although in true procrastinator fashion I didn’t put the buttons on until two weeks ago.

Pattern: Cherry cardigan, by Anna Bell.
Yarn: 7 balls of Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton in ‘Sailboat’.
Needles: 3.25mm and 4.00mm addi circulars.
Rav link.

Modifications: A few.
— Made the body shorter, by working one less repeat of the pattern below the waist detailing. This worked out better than working one less repeat above the waist detailing (which was my first attempt), which would’ve made the waist detail sit significantly higher than my natural waist line.
— Made the sleeves wider, by casting on extra stitches. The sleeves as per pattern wouldn’t fit my chubby arms!
— Made the neckline higher, but this turned out to be unnecessary, in fact I made it a bit too high. Although no matter, I can always wear it with the top button undone.

It’s a cute top, I thought. Before I started this I contemplated leaving out the waist detailing altogether. But then I decided that the waist detailing is what ‘makes’ this top, it’s what drew me to this pattern in the first place. So I left it in, and I’m glad that it turned out quite well. In fact it looked sort of retro, I think, especially when worn with a skirt 🙂

Cherry cardigan

I think knitting garments — wearables like Cherry, cardigans and jumpers — are definitely my ‘thing’. It’s just so satisfying, and I’ll always need them in my wardrobe. Unfortunately at the same time, my enthusiasm for other things, like scarves and socks, is waning. But I did manage to finish another pair of socks, the second off my list, although these might be my last pair of socks for a while… so much for my ambitious goals! So here they are, the socks that I was making for my mum.

Pair of Hearts Socks

Pattern: A Pair of Hearts, by Donna of Random Knits.
Yarn: The Knittery’s Merino Chubby Sock yarn in ‘Purple Night’.
Needles: 2.25mm circulars, magic loop.
Rav link.

Love how they turned out, and I think my mum will be pleased too. Beautiful yarn, and great pattern, the only modification I made was to make them shorter in the leg, just 2 repeats of the hearts pattern between cuff and heel.

There are some more finished projects that I’m yet to blog about, I think I’ll save them for next time!


Gum tree

Learning to swim

Nice cold iceblock

Twilight saga obsession

New shoes

Ah yes, where was I? Oh that’s right, I have a blog. Hello blog! How have you been? I haven’t gone anywhere, really, just enjoying summer. I’ll be back again real soon with some knitting!