miss dolly

Say hello to miss dolly!

miss dolly

She was made from a miss buttons ‘sew your own’ kit. The fabrics and button all came with the kit, and the instructions are easy to follow. Annette named her “dolly”, because that’s what she calls almost all of her dolls. Um yeah, need a bit of work on more imaginative names here. But when she says “I want dolly”, she knows exactly which one she means, of course.

Here is miss dolly again, with a small child for scale.


Belinda says:

Gorgeous!! I love the red fabric…mmm I wonder where Angela got that. You sould sent a pic to Angela..I’m sure she would love to add it to the gallery. I’ve got some exciting news to share. I’ll email you.

joy says:

just have to say that the pic of Annette with the doll is too. cute.

Steph says:

Too cute, both of them!

Rose Red says:

I love Miss Dolly! And the pic of Annette is just (as Joy has already said) too cute!!

Angela says:

How absolutely Adorable!!
Your daughter hugging miss dolly with so much love makes my heart melt!!

laura b says:

What a cute doll! Looks like Annette is getting some use out of her twirly skirt too!

Jade says:

How cute, Claudine! Both Annette and the dolly…their photo is adorable.

Nora says:

Your little girl is GORGEOUS!! The dolly is very cute too. 🙂

Sue says:

The dolly is an absolute cutie. Your daughter is gorgeous and sweet as always too.

corrie says:

ohhhh you have a cute model there! too cute! now the doll is also cute but you have a very cute dolly

Terri says:

Adorable. :o)

Donna says:

The dolly is gorgeous, Claudine! Makes me wish Em still appreciated dollies. All of hers used to be named Lucy for some odd reason.

Sil says:

The doll’s cute, but the girlie’s cuter!

corrie says:

hi there
would you believe I’ve just realised I bought almost the same colours as your dolly without realising it! sorry!!!!! but I’ve just realised I’ve cut the dress upside down to yours with my branches the other way so a wee bit different!

ps I was only restrained at the show since I have japan coming up

isel says:

Too cute, both of them.

Leisl says:

Too cute! Both Annette AND the doll!