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Two sides of Elmer

Kinda looks like an elephant…


… but not just an ordinary elephant, it’s Elmer (the patchwork elephant)* !

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Or in this case, a pincushion Elmer 🙂

Pincushion Elmer

Elmer is one of Annette’s favourite picture books. I love Elmer too, because he’s patchwork, and I love patchwork. I’ve always had this idea buzzing in my head to make an Elmer softie. I thought it’d be a cute pincushion too. Or, can just take out the pins and use it as a softie 🙂 I’m planning on making another one for Annette to play with. This one had been given away at a blogmeet yesterday, I’m sure this Elmer will be very happy in his new home.

* For those who haven’t come across the Elmer books, Elmer is a patchwork elephant who one day gets tired of being different from the other elephants, and so he tries to make himself the same as all the other elephants. It’s a funny story.

To market, to market

Softies for market

Totes for market

Softies and tote bags for Kirribilli Markets tomorrow.

And look what Corrie brought back from Japan for me!

Some japanese craft books…

Craft books

On the left is Lotta Jansdotter’s new book, Handmade Project. In the middle is a very cute embroidery book ISBN 4834724212. And on the right is Design collection for kids ISBN 4529042049, another cute embroidery and felt book. I looooove these books!! Will post more detailed photos later when I get a chance.

And some cute japanese fabrics…

Japanese Fabrics

Thank you so much, Corrie!! You can also get these fabrics from Corrie’s new shop,, which is bringing lovely japanese fabrics, linens, tapes, craft books, etc, to Australian shores! Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff!

Anyway, hope the weather’s good for the market tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Giving and receiving

Back in May, I won a copy of the Silly Bunny pattern by Melly & Me, just by commenting on their blog. I was gobsmacked, as I had never won anything before. So thank you, Melly and Rosie! I thought the bunnies look cute, and I love how you can use small amounts of various fabrics (great way to use scraps!), as with many of Melly & Me’s other patterns. And now I have my own silly bunny 🙂

Silly Bunny

Silly Bunny

Then I won some yarn and DPNs from Yarn magazine‘s Winter Warm-up Competition! Thanks, Barbara! I feel very lucky indeed. The yarn is Rare Yarns ‘Rare Fire’ yarn (alpaca/mohair/merino combo). I’ll probably make these bed socks with them.

Rare Fire yarn

And earlier this month I had another meetup with Belinda and Corrie, and I also got to meet Danni from Pyglet Whispers. As usual we had a lucky dip, and I was the recipient of Belinda’s package, which contained a skein of sock yarn and the lovely birdie fabric. And Danni gave us some of her lovely handmade cards. Thanks, girls!


For the lucky dip I made this tote bag, which went to Corrie. I think she likes it 🙂

Another tote Other side

I love that skipping girl print from Sprout Designs, and the Mollybirds print by Kristen Doran. Close up of the detail here.

Also, I made these coasters for a friend’s housewarming.



It’s nothing original though, I’ve seen quite a few of these lovely patchwork coasters around the blogs and I just love the little patchwork. (There’s also a tutorial here.)

miss dolly

Say hello to miss dolly!

miss dolly

She was made from a miss buttons ‘sew your own’ kit. The fabrics and button all came with the kit, and the instructions are easy to follow. Annette named her “dolly”, because that’s what she calls almost all of her dolls. Um yeah, need a bit of work on more imaginative names here. But when she says “I want dolly”, she knows exactly which one she means, of course.

Here is miss dolly again, with a small child for scale.