Two sides of Elmer

Kinda looks like an elephant…


… but not just an ordinary elephant, it’s Elmer (the patchwork elephant)* !

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Or in this case, a pincushion Elmer 🙂

Pincushion Elmer

Elmer is one of Annette’s favourite picture books. I love Elmer too, because he’s patchwork, and I love patchwork. I’ve always had this idea buzzing in my head to make an Elmer softie. I thought it’d be a cute pincushion too. Or, can just take out the pins and use it as a softie 🙂 I’m planning on making another one for Annette to play with. This one had been given away at a blogmeet yesterday, I’m sure this Elmer will be very happy in his new home.

* For those who haven’t come across the Elmer books, Elmer is a patchwork elephant who one day gets tired of being different from the other elephants, and so he tries to make himself the same as all the other elephants. It’s a funny story.


M Goodsell says:

Oh my goodness, this has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen!! I love Elmer books so much, you’re very clever Claudine.

Sheridan says:

Oh, he is a lovely Elmer! We have just discovered Elmer books. So sweet! Well done – you have done a fantastic job of bringing him to life.

Jade says:

I love it, Claudine. In fact, I’ll blog about it today….must hunt up those Elmer books.

corrie says:

that is so cute!

Sue says:

We read the Elmer book 2 weeks ago in Isabelle’s classroom. I love the story but this one was where Elmer’s friend had lost his teddybear and they had to find it, and his cousin Wilbur was black and white patches and looked cute too. I love the pincushion/softie that you whipped up, so cute and it looks quite cute in Jade’s sewing room too.

Just saw this over at dizzyjadey…just so cute!!

Bianca says:

Elmer is so cute, great idea…I love all the colours.

Rose Red says:

So cute! You are too clever!

Leisl says:

Too cute for words!

Vickery says:

I love him–he’s so cute!

Suzanne says:

What a fabulous idea. I have never seen the Elmer books before – but I’m definitely checking them out now. I love the two sides of Elmer.

nova says:

I think my son needs some of those Elmer books, and I think I need to make an Elmer softie! Very cute!

Diane Lovell says:

That is so unbelievably cute!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog!