Baby Knits

My next door neighbour just had a baby, and upon learning that it’s a girl I knew I had to whip this up.

Saartje's Bootees

Pattern: Saartje‘s Bootees (pdf), small size
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zara in off-white, about half a ball for this pair
Needles: 3mm straights

Very, very quick knit, this one. Even including weaving in the ends. In fact it took longer to wait for them to dry after blocking than to knit them up. (I ‘blocked’ it on one of the rainy days last week. Wasn’t exactly blocking, really, just a little wash.)

You might notice that I use this Zara yarn quite a bit here. It’s the same yarn that I used for the here and there cables scarf. I bought a sweater’s worth of this yarn, but then I realised that I don’t want a white sweater. But as it turns out, this yarn makes great baby items because it’s low maintenance (washing machine friendly).

And then I thought the baby would need a warm hat to fend off the winter chill, so I also made this.

Baby hat

I made up the pattern myself, inspired by the cables on this cabled sweater. When I got my copy of the latest Interweave Knits I was struck by those pretty cables on the cover that I thought I should try to incorporate the stitch pattern somewhere.

The rib and cables pattern makes the hat very stretchy, I’d imagine the baby can get a lot of use out of it as she grows. I made the hat for a newborn, but it can also (barely) fit Annette, although it’s a bit too snug for her.

Baby hat

Pattern: Made it up myself
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa Zara in off-white, 1 ball
Needles: 3mm circulars, magic looping


Cathy says:

What absolutely ADORABLE booties! and the hat is gorgeous! I can’t imagine how thrilled the recipient’s mom will be when she see’s those! I love the cables and the color!

Lolly says:

The booties are just precious!

Meg says:

Cute! Cute! I love the wheat ear cables too, you are so clever to translate it to the hat.

Michelle says:

aww…how cute is that baby bootie!!!

very cute. Love the combo

Rose Red says:

Love those bootees – I’ve got some red Zara, how perfect would they be in red! The beanie is also fab, you are a clever clogs!

corrie says:

oh they are so cute Claudine! I’ve been tempted to do those little shoes and in white they look so cute and pure! you are clever

Jade says:

The booties are gorgeous, Claudine! With matching beanie, too.

joy says:

love the booties and especially the hat. think we can stretch it out to fit an adult head? 🙂

Belinda says:

Your so clever! what a lovely set, so beautiful!!

Stephanie says:

Absolutely beautiful. . . just love them both!

Tusa says:

Those are both lovely. Did you write that hat pattern down. Would love to knit it for my little girl.

Sue says:

The booties and the hat are just adorable. I love using Zara yarn too, so soft for little babies. I agree with writing down the hat pattern, it looks great and I would love to knit one up too.

laura b says:

Those booties are so cute! I must knit them now too!

isel says:

Super cute and adorable FOs.

Terri says:

The bootees and hat are adorable. You’re a clever girl adapting those beautiful cable-like patterns.

Di says:

The bootties are beautiful! I made them just recently and decided on just on bar and button and stupidly managed to make 2 right feet!!!

Fiona says:

The little booties are just gorgeous. Especially for a girl. And of course you need a hat to match.

kathy says:

Pure sweetness. The cross strap design is just beautiful.

sandra says:

Thanks for Saartje’s link – I’ll knit some tonight! Love all your other knitty projects on the go too 🙂

monica says:

those booties are the sweetest thing EVER.


Kylie says:

They are the cutest booties – I just knitted up a pair (pict in my blog) But I made them a little bigger (just used bigger needles and thicker wool that what was recommended.

Jenn says:

I love the booties, but especially Ashley’s hat.
You are very clever! As with many other people, I would love your pattern for the hat, if you have the time to write one up and post in your “Pattern for You” PLEASE. ;o)

Sharon says:

I hope you can help with this question. I am going to make a beret. The pattern says to block it after you have finished sewing in all the thread ends etc.

Can you please explain how to block a hat that is round? I have never made a knitted had before and this confuses me.

Sharon says:

Love your beaut booties and hat. They are so cute.

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