C’est fini!

Finally, a finished object on this blog! 🙂

Ribbon edged cardigan (sans ribbon)

This is the cardigan that I knitted for Jade‘s bub as part of our swap. It’s the “Ribbon Edged Cardigan” pattern from Special Knits, but without the ribbon edging.

Ribbon edged cardigan (sans ribbon)

Pattern: Ribbon Edged Cardigan (sans ribbon) from Special Knits
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, colour 340010, 4 balls for the 2yo size
Needles: 3mm for the hems, and 3.25mm for the rest

Close up of the buttons, and macro photo of the day 🙂


I’m very excited about this swap! I sure had fun knitting this. And just LOOK at what Jade has made for Annette! I love it! Can’t wait to see it in person.


Belinda says:

Jade is going to be so pleased. You did an amazing job!

Annette is going to look so cute in her smock. The red will be just perfect on her.

Looking forward to seeing both pieces tomorrow.

Marsha says:

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous! It’s hard to go wrong with Debbie Bliss yarn (I LURVE Baby Cashmerino–it’s like knitting with butter!) and patterns (so classic and stylish!). But you did a wonderful job. That’s one lucky toddler who gets to wear it! 🙂

chemgrrl says:

That is absolutely adorable. I love the flower buttons!

Rose Red says:

Fabulous! and great buttons too!

And love love love Annette’s red dress – she will look so cute wearing it!

2paw says:

I just love that stitch pattern!! The litle cardigan is gorgeous and beautiful buttons too. I think having the right buttons is very important!!!

corrie says:

awwww so cute and lovely! can’t wait to see her little miss camille wearing it


sue says:

Your cardigan turned out beautifully and I love the color too. Jade will absolutely love it.

Jade says:

We love it so much, Claudine! Probably me more so than the bub. Perhaps I can stretch it to my size. LOL! I’ll take photo of her in it over sometime this weekend and email it to you. It’s beautiful! Thank you very much!

Oiyi says:

What a beautifully knit cardigan!

Sheridan says:

The cardigan is just beautiful!

suzy says:

It’s so beautiful (and even better in real life!)
It was lovely to meet you and Annette today 🙂

Becky-Dee says:

That is darling! beautiful colour too. I love mauve.

Ann says:

The cardigan is so lovely & your knitting is so even & perfect. I love the color!

So pretty! Mum said you got very fine knitting! We love the purple colour too!

Bianca says:

The seams oh the seams!!! Great to meet you and Annette.

Rachel says:

I love that color! A great 30/30 photo, too!