Some colours on a grey day

Back in June last year when I went to the Sydney Craft Fair, I bought two bags of mill ends from Kaalund Yarns. The bags contained various little mill end balls of Kaalund’s yarn ranges, from laceweights to some chunky “thick and thins”. I haven’t done anything to most of them yet, but I thought the thick and thins could make a nice beanie. The colours that I picked are very bright ones, there’s no way I could pull off wearing them. But the colours would be great on Annette I reckon. So I gathered up all the thick and thins.

Then started knitting in the round. I just picked up a ball, worked on that until it ran out, then picked up another, joined, knitted again, and so on. And tada! A crazy hat 🙂

Crazy hat


Such a ray of sunshine!!!
Great beanie!

Mel Goodsell says:

oh it’s truly beautiful Claudine. Just like a pretty rainbow…I want to knit one now! LoL

Jade says:

What pretty colours, Claudine! It looks so cute on Annette.

sue says:

Those colors look so bright and remind me of autumn leaves for some reason. Annette looks so sweet in her beanie.

Lisa says:

Thats a great hat!

bells says:

oh it’s fantastic. What a great use of those delightful ends. I bet she loves it!

suzy says:

It’s so cute! Perfect for this grey weather.

Becky-Dee says:

Oh my gosh! How cute!

Oiyi says:

The colors are wonderful! Annette looks so cute in the hat.

Marina says:

Gorgeous yarn and hat. She looks adorable in it.

chemgrrl says:

Hee. It’s totally cute. Does she like it?

Wow, we love the colour! And what a great model too 🙂

Rachel says:

The colors look great together and the texture is wonderful!

mai says:

how fun! i love the colors. is annette trying to tell us that she’s from the westside? 😉

Belinda says:

It looks great Claudine. I used the Noro you gave me last year to knit a hat for Abbey (I don’t think I blogged about it) Anyway, Abbey calls it her rainbow hat. At least it’s guaranteed to go with anything she’s wearing.

rebecca says:

mmmmmmm, those colors are so vibrant and yummy!

Rose Red says:

So cool! love the hat, great idea! And great photos too

Sheridan says:

I love it! Gorgeous!

monica says:

how gorgeous!!

Ann says:

What a great idea & Annette looks so cute in it!

Terri says:

That’s cute enough to be a kit!! Gorgeous. The adorable model helps. :o)

celia says:

That’s color!!!

Jen says:

Love the hat the yarn is lovely! It cam out perfect!